When my kids were between the ages of four and seven, they didn’t get excited about money.  An allowance didn’t motivate them because they didn’t connect the cash with buying a toy.  They just wanted to have a toy.  My husband and I came up with a new way to not only motivate them, but save money.  I bought a toy machine on Amazon.com.  I got to choose the color and even got to choose a sticker to go on front.  I had my kids’ names placed on front with the words “Treasure Machine”.  At the end of each week, if they had completed any jobs we gave them, they were given .50 cents to get something out of the machine and believe me, each week I made sure the surprises came out equal!  There is a way to place the capsules so they come out like you want them to.  Usually they would find a piece of candy and a slip of paper that named either a toy or activity they were going to get to do.  They loved it and I had fun for years making up new ideas for the Treasure Machine.  You can come up with all kinds of ways to make this idea work for your family.

Product Details

Toy Machine

You can use the 2 inch Toy Capsules because they fit more things and run more smoothly through the machine.



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