Do you like to walk? Or rather, would you like to get a good workout and have fun?  One of my favorite hobbies is walking and taking pictures.  Even if I walk down my driveway, I get new pictures every time.  I know almost everyone is good at taking pictures now because every possible device has a great camera on it.  So you may wonder, what’s the use.  People take pictures of themselves, their food, their friends, a bug….I even know a person that took a picture of his child cleaning the toilet.  Do you know the complete peacefulness that comes from taking pictures though? I like to pretend I work for National Geographic and I am looking for new angles and interesting shots.  Next time you feel like going for a walk, don’t just walk, take pictures of what you see.  Listen carefully and you will hear how loud the quiet can be in the country and if you are in the city, you can notice all the action sounds around you.  Pretend to be a photographer and that you work for a magazine and you might find yourself walking further and noticing so much more.  Just watch the traffic though! I find I walk more because of my love of taking pictures!  It’s another way to enjoy life and really take in how much you have to be thankful for.  Here are some pictures I have taken on my walks.  I challenge you to do the same and share them with people.  You could brighten someone’s day because they got to see a beautiful picture! You may also be an inspiration to your kids or your family and friends to do the same thing.



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