I’ve spoken of reading so much already.  I love books!  Another activity that we enjoy with our kids is game night.  We’ve been playing boardgames with them since my oldest was about four. Here is a list of games we loved the most!

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Candy Land– This is such a sweet game (pun completely intended) and it’s easy to help the youngest win if need be.  I remember playing it when I was little and it will always be a game I’ll enjoy as much as the kids do.


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Uncle Wiggily– This is so worth getting for your children because it helps them learn to read.  The illustrations are charming, and it’s perfect to give as a gift at Easter!


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Trouble– This is such a fun game, but for kids under five, I’d advise adjusting the rules a bit because it could be frustrating.  The popper is great fun though!


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Chutes and Ladders– This is a great game! It’s unpredictable who will win!

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Memory– Now this game is always fun and comes in many different versions to appeal to the child’s interest.  One thing you could do though is create your own using pictures your child loves and see if they can make matches. It’s fun even for adults.


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Shut the Box– This game, in it’s simplicity, is quite addictive even for adults.  It’s a great counting game and simple enough for young kids and challenging enough for adults!


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Scrabble-This is Sean and my all time favorite game.  It is even more fun now that we have kids playing with us.

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Yahtzee– This is another fun counting game!

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Electronic Battleship– This is a fun game of strategy and easy for kids as young as six.

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Monopoly– I honestly was not interested in this game at all as a child, but was re-introduced to it as an adult.  Our kids love it and it’s fun watching them try to make deals and it helps them learn to count money.

Other games we have loved but have not been repeated as often as the ones listed above are Hungry Hungry Hippos, Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, Operation and Charades.  I’m surprised we haven’t played these more because they are fun.  It’s good to play games as a family.  I think it’s just as important as reading together.


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