We have three Rhode Island Red hens. I picked them because I remembered my parents and grandparents having them when I was little. They have a good temperment and do well in cold and hot weather ranging from the 30’s to the 90’s. They lay brown eggs. I will provide a link to a chicken coop that is I have found to be the best for three hens. You don’t need roosters for the hens to lay eggs. Roosters only fertilize the egg. I got my hens from tractor supply and since they were chicks at the time, I kept them in a plastic storage bin with the top off and a heat lamp overhead. Tractor Supply is great at displaying everything you need for baby chicks. For a family of four, three hens was just right. There is a rule I found that I had to buy no less than six, so go in with a friend who is also wanting chickens. My hen lay one egg each a day so we get three eggs every day. The portable hen house is meant to be moved about the yard. When you let them out, keep an eye on them because foxes, coyotes, cats, dogs, snakes and other birds will prey on them. Raccoons, snake, dogs and opossum will go after the eggs as well. Close the hens back in the coop at night. They automatically go back in when it begins to get dark. They are great about routine. http://www.momtastic.com/life/175461-backyard-chicken-coops/


Brown Eggs
Rhode Island Red

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