The Sweet Smell of Christmas– This is such a nice book to have.  I remember it from when I was little and it was fun being able to read it to my children.  It is scratch and sniff and the illustrations are so charming.



Bear Stays Up for Christmas-It’s the day before Christmas, and Bear’s friends have gathered in his lair to wake him up to celebrate the holiday. They get a tree, pop corn and bake fruitcake, and hang stockings and hum songs. The others doze off, but Bear keeps busy wrapping presents, baking cookies, and decorating, unaware that a certain plump, red-suited gentleman is watching from outside the cave. I love this book because I love quilts and I love the illustrations.  My kids enjoyed it.



The Night Before Christmas by Tasha Tudor- My husband and I got this book when we were first married even before we had kids and we read it every Christmas Eve since we have been married.  This book has wonderful illustrations.  I am a big fan of Tasha Tudor.  Of course, the story itself is timeless.



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